VocabGrapher 1.4.2

Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Vocabgrapher

VocabGrapher es una aplicación buena y de prueba para Windows desarrollada por Vocabgrapher. Ver descripción completa

VocabGrapher es una aplicación buena y de prueba para Windows desarrollada por Vocabgrapher.

Información adicional sobre VocabGrapher

VocabGrapher funciona en dispositivos con S.O. Windows 98 y superior, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La versión de la aplicación es 1.4.2 y la última actualización fue en 20/06/2012.Desde que el programa forma parte de nuestro catálogo en 2012, ya tiene 1,914 descargas, y durante la última semana consiguió 0 descargas.Respecto a VocabGrapher, es un programa que requiere mucho menos espacio que la mayoría de las aplicaciones de su categoría.

VocabGrapher is a novel kind of dictionary and thesaurus. Its design is based on the idea that building a powerful vocabulary needs not be boring. In addition to being a comprehensive, accurate reference and an effective vocabulary builder, VocabGrapher is dynamic, intellectually-stimulating, engaging, and maybe even fun.

Empower yourself by selecting the right words to convey the precise meaning you want. VocabGrapher gives you an interactive reference and a novel, proven approach to help you select words that add vigor, variety, and preciseness to all you say and write. More than just a test prep software or an ordinary dictionary, VG is a lifetime vocabulary companion , with a proven method that gives hours and hours of pleasurable learning experience and helps your knowledge last longer.

Here's what VocabGrapher has to offer:

  • 140,000+ root words and 100,000+ synonym sets from Princeton University's highly-acclaimed Wordnet lexical database
  • Carefully-selected and organized lists of 4,000+ most essential words for educated adults
  • Endlessly expandable, trimmable, and draggable graphs and central ideas
  • Real-time online image retrieval
  • Full-blown test modes
  • Concise foreign language definitions in over 20 languages
  • Human voice pronunciation of over 20,000 words



VocabGrapher 1.4.2